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Pillars of Eternity Review

If you’ve ever liked RPGs, you will love Pillars of Eternity. Even if you hated Baldur’s Gate or any/all of the Infinity Engine games – especially if you hated them – you owe it to yourself to play a game that finally gets it right.

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I Offend Globally

I just added this new map. Apparently, my old one broke, and none of you bothered to tell me. Jerks.

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  • @MemoriesIn8Bit Not bad, but mine’s better.
  • Just found out Trey's teachers didn't let them watch the eclipse today, for safety reasons. THEY DIDN'T WANT TO HURT THEIR PUPILS.
  • I hope somebody remembers to sacrifice a virgin to the volcano god or whatever. #Eclipse2017
  • Life Hack: If you never build a statue of your wedding, your wife can’t ever get mad at you for forgetting your anniversary#themoreyouknowow
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