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I just added this new map. Apparently, my old one broke, and none of you bothered to tell me. Jerks.

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  • Man, we played the Back to the Future dice game several times today, but not once did we go back to the start of the weekend. What a ripoff
  • "It's interesting that they're all girls instead of all boys. I like it." Trey's only comment on gender roles in…Aa
  • @Des_Roin @DafeAllen I lack the ability to ever be in a situation where I have to chose what happens inside the uterus I don't have.
  • Guys. There's a Trump's BS food truck serving a slice of baloney on white bread and it's the best thing I've seen…ES
  • @DafeAllen These are black and white issue people. If they can make a vote for Clinton mean you're basically murdering babies, they will.

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