Last year, what began as a joke became all too real. Was I being haunted? Hunted? I don't know, but it eventually stopped. Until it started up again...


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I just added this new map. Apparently, my old one broke, and none of you bothered to tell me. Jerks.

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  • A year ago, creepy stuff started happening, so I wrote it all down. One year later, it's happening again. Part Two:…
  • I might still be sick, but at least I made it through my first day back at work.
  • @recoveringmama rice on the dinner menu, then?
  • "I bet if I wake up and shower, then get dressed and ready for work, I'll feel better!" I was so young and naïve an hour ago.#stillsickk
  • ME: Stop seeing this ad. YOUTUBE: Are you sure you want to stop seeing this ad? ME: Yes YOUTUBE: Ok. We'll just keep showing you this ad.

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