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Kniefalling in the NFL

When people kneel during the national anthem, they’re not disrespecting the flag. They’re doing what people do when there are no more words to say. The Germans call it Kniefall von Warschau. Here’s why.

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I Offend Globally

I just added this new map. Apparently, my old one broke, and none of you bothered to tell me. Jerks.

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  • TL; DR - Everything you do online is about to get slower and more expensive. (END RANT THREAD)
  • Or if you’re just consuming more than your neighbors.
  • Also, expect to see data caps and throttling based on your use. Basically, every ISP will behave like mobile…w2
  • Without it, your little startup will need to be able to come up with more money than the billions they’re able…d4jJ
  • With Net Neutrality, if you have a great new product to compete with, say, Facebook or YouTube, you have a shot at taking them on.

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